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DC Comics welcomes a new publisher (2-18-2010)

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The Bill

The Bill
Today, in an official announcement released by DC Comics and Warner Brothers, it was revealed that superstar artist Jim Lee (no relation to Stan Lee) was made co-publisher of DC.

This is really interesting news to me on a fanboy level, as I've been a fan of his since he first rose to fame as the penciler on The Punisher and then The X-Men over at Marvel back in the late 80's/early 90's. Then, he left Marvel (which was a very cushy paycheck) to co-found Image Comics in 1992. At Image, he ran his own studio, called Wildstorm, which Lee eventually sold to DC Comics back in 1999. He's been workinf exclusively at DC ever since, taking on the art chores for both Batman and Superman at different times. He's sort of been in seclusion for about a year/year and a half now, designing an online playable video game for the DC Universe, so this announcement was something of a surprise.

Anyway, congrats Jim! Unfortunately, we'll probably never see his work grace anything again Mad

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