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The Bill

The Bill
I've been mucho busy as of late, but I have promised myself I would stop neglecting the forum here. One of the things that was long overdue was an update in the member ranks. If you notice, everyone has a rank above their avatar pic (if they choose to have one) and it is based upon how much you post. The more you post, the higher your rank!

In keeping with a comicbook theme, I set it up as follows:

Citizen 0-4 posts
Sidekick 5-49 posts
Urban Legend 50-149 posts
Masked Vigilante 150-199 posts
Superhero 200-299 posts
Heroic Alien 300-399 posts
Mythological god 400-499 posts
Cosmic Being 500+ posts

cheers So there you have it. As always, feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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