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Rumble makes my belly rumble!

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1 Rumble makes my belly rumble! on Mon Jul 06, 2009 4:29 pm


Masked Vigilante
Masked Vigilante
)Rumble is one of the funniest Decepticons ever! I'm going to post some stuff in tribute to my favorite decepticon pound-for-pound!:

Rumble music video:

How to trick Rumble:

Hey, wait a minute... You Tricked me!:

Doing what Rumble does best:

Rumble always gets the crappy jobs:

One of the benefits of being small:

Rumble and Frenzy-Wrong Colors?:

Rumble's most notorious line ever:

Rumble-Frenzy Tag-team on Skywarp:

Rumble in Energon-O's Commercial! Watch them all!:

Real life Rumble Costume

Royal Rumble game glitch! I sure missed out:

Rumble on tha dance floor!:

Dinobot Sludge, Rumble's worst fear realized! (Otep music video):

The Rumble scene I'm trying to find... in Chinese! (check Soundwave's voice!):

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