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Warner Brothers reorganizes DC Comics (9-09-2009)

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The Bill

The Bill
It was announced that Warner Brothers, the owner of DC Comics, has reorganized it's staff and will be looking to create television shows, movies and video games featuring DC's huge library of characters. Basically, they will be running things just like Disney/Marvel...which WB/DC claims had no influence on their decision. Riiiiiight Rolling Eyes

Maybe this could be a good thing for DC, which was renamed DC Entertainment, by the way, so we can see movies of characters not named Batman. Seriously, where are movies of The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel (Shazam), Hawkman, etc? Does the world need another Batman film? No If this restructuring means we can see movies of these other characters, I'm all for it! Rumors have been swirling around for YEARS of The Rock being in a Captain Marvel film...will we ever see it???

I think it is safe to say one thing for a year/year and a half, we should see the opening round in the battle of the animated movies between Disney/Marvel and Warner Bros/DC. Mark my words.

All in all, I say once again Marvel sets the pace and DC follows.

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